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We start the class by opening our channels of awareness and connect to our partners by manipulating and testing with their structure and weight. A special focus, in this phase, is the use of our whole body doing the task, not only being limited to our hands and arms.

In this first part, the use of playfulness allows us to connect to our instinctive side, tuning into a shared natural flow of breath. With the help of exercises in different constellations, each time changing and adapting to a new partner and universe, we listen, follow and direct the movement as one functioning organism through space. We get ready to jump, cross, push, pull, avoid, embrace, carry and suspend each other. We like to focus on an organic way of partnering, based on action/reaction principles inspired by contact improvisation, acrodance, social dances and fighting techniques. We like to access the movement from a perspective of a deeper connection and try to avoid the superficial habit of copying shapes. Instead, we motivate every couple to find a unique way of communicating with the partner and look for individual solutions and variations of the material. Another important aspect of our class is the constant change of the level of activity for both roles. We learn how much resistance, power and direction is needed to reach our maximum together, by investigating with the given tools and, finally, learning fixed partnering material (extracts of our duet porzellan haus at the end of each class).




It is a time of sharing energy, effort and sweat, where you can take a moment for yourself together with others.

Important is the relationship with the group , the floor, the space.

After a warm up that acts as a check up of the body and helps to create connection, a series of dynamic sequences will be the basis to experience how our body organizes itself by changing the supports , planes and speed of movement.

Special attention will be placed on momentum to generate dynamics and continuity without using excessive and incidental forces.

There will be room for personal exploration, all in a judgment-free environment where you can challenge yourself, push your limits and mainly have fun.


I would like to bring you in a place where the poetry inhabit your body and expresses itself to a dreamy state .

It would allow us to explore how different states of consciousness leads to different presence and type of movement.

Resulting on personnal research, one main focus will be on the role of the eyes as a core of motion.  How do we look ? What if does to us?  How do we move trough this capacity to see ? How different vision embodiement can alter our ways to move and express ? Theses are a few questions that might animate our sessions. 


In the class I propose we will keep the flow for a dynamic class of contemporary that goes on the floor, jump in the air and with a bit of breakdance moves integrated in the whole combination. A good class to sweat, to feel and above all to enjoy.

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